About Us

Who We Are!

We are a very new type of business but with some similar things you have heard said in the past with a higher quality of service. Our business is a Out-of-Network PT Clinic focusing on 1 on 1 exclusive 60 min treatments that address a wide range of patients. "We help athletes and active adults of all ages get back to their lives without pain medication, stopping their lives, or surgeries!" Our focus is to address the patient's every need, while guiding their care to save them money by decreasing multiple visits to their primary care provider or specialists, surgeries that are not needed at that time, getting the run around and hearing those dreadful words from their health care provider "there's nothing else we can do. We have tested everything!!!"

There are a lot of things that we see patients get frustrated about concerning their care. One of those things is that they have went to so many healthcare providers, but have not received the desired result. In addition to this, the frustration of on average getting 10 mins with your healthcare provider to discuss 1 year worth of pain. Then, you have the instance where you go to physical therapy and really only get 15 mins of time with your DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy) and 45 mins off by yourself doing the treatment/exercises on your own! Why do that when you could have a full 60 min session that gets you to the place you want to be health wise and the treatment you desire.


We also have a focus in Sports Specific Performance Training, Injury Prevention, and Post-Sport/Workout Recovery! This is great for parents who are in search of people to train their child 1 on 1 in the sport of choice, while doing bio-mechanical analysis of them to improve their ability as an athlete. There are too many kids who need that dedicated, focused 1 on 1 private training to achieve their goals that never get it! We offer that! We are not trying to train everyone. We are trying to fully impact a few!


The Injury Prevent and Post-Sport/Workout Recovery is priceless! They work hand in hand. A lot of things that help keep you out of a physician's office is something that's very affordable. As everyday people with busy lives, we tend to not do it because it's just a small hassle we do not want to set up when we get home. How about if you had it already set up for you and all you had to do was show up!? Designing injury prevention programs for you or your child who are active participants in sports or recreational activities could save you time, money and prevent stress knowing you are being given a focused program for you!


Yes, it is more! Lol!


Lastly, we offer Educational Services for ACT/SAT Prep and Physical Therapy Board Prep in order to make the score you want or improve on areas of weakness to improve the score you already have. Our trusted team gives you their time to focus on you 1 on 1. They create a plan for you to follow and track your progress. This comes at an affordable cost, which will seem so worth it after you see the difference in how we truly focus on you to help you reach your goals! I would continue, but I think you get it at this point.


So we are a new business that is coming to Clinton, MS. We want this place and community to have something no one else has in order to continue to grow the city, while addressing the needs of many! Hopefully taking part in community events helps move our goal and mission to the forefront!

Our Team

Performance Trainers

Our trainers have a combine 10 years of training multi-sport athletes at the college, high school, and professional level.

Educational Specialists

Our educational specialists have a combine 12 years of experience private tutoring, test prep, board certification testing, and learning assessments.

Doctor's of Physical Therapy

Our therapists have over 10 years of experience with performance recovery working at the college and professional level delivering the most current methods of treatment.