Investing in Ourselves

We do a lot of things that do not help us develop ourselves. Ask yourself, have you recently invested in yourself? For all of you who think I am talking about buying yourself the latest “drip”, ummm NO! Lol! I mean doing tangible things that help you mentally grow. Sometimes we are not have to buy nice things because they may be the only “WIN” we have had in awhile. I understand that for sure, but I think that is part of the “LOSES” we are taking. We do not invest in long term things that will last and give us the needed feeling of being “UP”. So, lets talk about investing in ourselves. Have you tried to surround yourself with people who are better than you at things? Have you signed up to help lesser people by volunteering your time and resources? Have you even considered taking a class that talks about a thing that you wanted to do, although it is not free? Lastly, have you just spent your time working on the thing you love the most to become better at it or with it? Well you should because that is an investment in you that will lead to more wins. Like I said in the last post, your mind controls all. Positive investments in yourself will yield positive outcomes that are lasting! So, GO INVEST IN YOU TODAY!

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