How to Stop Vertigo (BPPV)!?

Vertigo is characterized by an unsteady, dizzy, and uncontrolled motion deficit that starts by an insidious (unknown cause) onset. A lot of people are totally unaware of how to treat Vertigo and rely on things that are not really productive in doing so. The first thing you should do is actually identify if you have Vertigo vs. Cardiovascular Induced Event.

Vertigo is mistaken a lot of the times for “Cardiovascular Induced Event”! Some people who report symptoms of vertigo usually taking a blood pressure or diabetic medication that are known to have affects similar to Vertigo. If you have experiencing syncope (blacking out, passing out), there’s a great chance you do not have Vertigo. Instead you probably are experiencing orthostatic hypotension, which is when you are having a drastic drop in your Blood Pressure!

I am sure you are asking how can I be diagnosed properly. Simple! Go to your PCP and get them to refer you to a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) that is very familiar with treating Vertigo patients. Now, I am sure you are asking how can I find who treats Vertigo! If you are in Clinton, MS or the surrounding Jackson, MS area, then the DPTs at III GEN, LLC Physical Therapy and Sports Science. Dr. Will Gray III has treated numerous Vertigo patients. By chance, you are not in this area then you should Google specifically “Physical Therapists Treating Vertigo Near Me”.

Now, if you are correctly identified as having Vertigo by your PCP and DPT. The treatments are involved, but there are a few you can do home for self treatment. One treatment is called the “Epley’s Maneuver”. I will attach a link to a video at a later date in this Blog post that shows the the technique. It will be through Until it is posted, you can search “Epley’s Maneuver” and you should be able to find a good source.

If the “Epley’s Maneuver”, then your eyes maybe the cause of your Vertigo. It could be from previous eye ailments or surgeries. Also, it could be due to your Vertigo being triggered by your eyes’ inability to not disrupt your steadiness. If you notice that when things move by you fast or you look at things with your eyes for extended periods of time you tend to get very dizzy. Then, your eyes are the problem and using “Gaze Stabilization” treatments would be the best way to treat yourself. You can Google “Gaze Stabilization for Vertigo” and there are some good sources. We will also post those treatments at Please be on the look for those this upcoming week!

I hope the above information helped you understand how to stop your Vertigo from taking over your life!

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