These Are The Blessings That I Have Been Given

Today, I address how to live with the gifts you are blessed with! How to become accepting of the outcomes and responsibilities of that gift! Lastly, how to do all of these things together with the ones you love.

We would like to give full credit the The Pivot Podcast for inspiring us to do today's episode. They did an awesome episode on September 8, 2023 titled "Ryan, Fred & Chan: Football is Back, Deion's 2nd Act, Tua & RC, Success vs Family Life | The Pivot" on YouTube. Please go listen to them. The part we have snipped in this podcast is only from the very end of their show. We take no credit for there podcast and what Ryan Clark said.

It is only used to add perspective to what we are discussing today. Thanks again for listening and please go check those guys out! They do a great job!

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